Patrick O'Sullivan QC, ABA PresidentI would like to acknowledge the Eora people who are the traditional custodians of this land. I would also like to pay respect to the elders past and present of the Eora nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people.

The Australian Bar Association is proud to represent the interests of nearly 6000 barristers throughout Australia and to promote the Bar’s high quality specialist advocacy services. As President, it is an honour to advocate the promotion of fair access to justice for all, especially our most vulnerable, and to contribute to public policy debate in all areas of the law. It is an exciting time to be a barrister in Australia, but also a time that presents great challenges and opportunities.

The ABA speaks with a voice of authority and will continue to maintain its representative role, not only for all barristers, but also for the voices often not heard. Over the past years the ABA has highlighted some of the issues faced by Indigenous Australians through our work on indigenous incarceration and constitutional recognition. This issue will continue to be a priority for the ABA in 2016, along with the discussion about diversity and inclusion, the future of the profession, opportunities in Asia, and access to justice. To find out more about these priority areas visit our committees page.

For our members, there are five main areas in which the ABA represents their interests:
1) National and International representation and strategy
2) Improved collaboration between State and Territory Bars
3) Training and CPD programs
4) Developing shared resources
5) Policy and stakeholder relations

The ABA represents a profession that is proud of its independence and confident of the service it provides, committed to continual improvement in the skills of advocates who ably assist in the administration of justice and the maintenance of the rule of law.

Patrick O’Sullivan QC
ABA President

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