Please find below a list of conference papers available to download.

ABA Conference, Boston 2015

ABA Conference, Rome 2013

Click here to download the combined papers document, which includes the following:

  • Chief Justice Robert French AC: Why Rome and not Hong Kong — the Australian Bar at Large
  • Dr Silvia Scarpa: The Fight against Human Trafficking and Victims’ Protection in Europe
  • Judge Sabino Cassese: The Constellation of Global and National Courts: Jurisdictional Redundancy and Interchange
  • Lord Dyson MR: Litigators – Survive and Thrive
  • Professor Guido Alpa: The Common Frame of Reference and the Europeanization of Private Law
  • Professor Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich: Lawyers’ Liability in EU Law
  • Roy L Martin QC: Independence in a Separated Scotland