2019 Victorian Senior Counsel Appointments

The Australian Bar Association (ABA) would like to congratulate the following on their appointment as Senior Counsel by the Hon. Chief Justice Ferguson of the Victorian Supreme Court.

Marylyn Smallwood S.C.

Ian McDonald S.C.

Garry Livermore S.C.

Patrick O’Shannessy S.C. 

Matthew Harvey S.C.

Charles Shaw S.C.

Marita Foley S.C.

Jeremy Slattery S.C.

Malcolm Harding S.C.

Nicholas De Young S.C.

Dr Oren Bigos S.C.

Richard Knowles S.C.

Anne Hassan S.C.

Georgina Costello S.C.

Renee Enbom S.C. 

Samuel Hay S.C.

Christopher Young S.C.

Robert Craig S.C. 

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