The Australian Bar Council is a highly respected contributor to Australian public policy debates and legislative reform proposals, and values its constructive working relationship with all levels of Australian Government. The Bar routinely confronts a challenging policy agenda. The ABA is committed to ensuring that all Australians are in a position to secure competent legal representation, including through legal aid or effective pro bono schemes, and that Courts and tribunals are properly funded so as to ensure that the administration of justice in Australia remains world-class, and the rule of law is respected and maintained.

The ABA is committed to

  • ensuring that the legal rights and entitlements of Australians are respected and preserved
  • working constructively with Governments and other stakeholders in the search for greater efficiencies and effectiveness in the administration of justice
  • campaigning for fair and efficient remuneration for the work undertaken by publicly-funded legal practitioners
  • exploring alternative ways of funding the criminal and civil justice systems whilst maintaining access to justice, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable in Australian society, and
  • supporting the work of Law Reform Commissions and contributing high quality, expert responses to inquiries and consultation exercises.

The ABA has a strategic focus on a number of key policy areas.